About Us

The Shirataki Hero Story

Every day, more and more people in the world are discovering how excessive blood sugar can negatively impact health and existing medical conditions. 

A common approach for many is to restrict and cut out any food items that are “not suitable” as prescribed by their healthcare providers, therefore reluctantly having to exclude certain foods that they used to enjoy from their daily lives. 

This was the case for our founder, Simon Kee, the day that he received his medical review results from the doctor in September 2015. From that point in time, many “comfort foods” were out-of-bounds to his lifestyle. 

With family and loved ones facing similar restrictions, he made a decision to go into in-depth studies into what modern science is revealing to us about nutrition and its impact on our health.

The objective was simple. To find ways to re-introduce the foods that we used to enjoy back into our lifestyle. To re-create the taste, texture and experience of eating our favourite comfort foods. 

Moderation is key, of course, but we were determined to find innovative natural alternatives that can allow us to enjoy familiar foods that holds certain feelings for us.

Through understanding of the science behind proper nutrition and how it works with health, we now bring our offerings to the world.